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Today we learn about Bell’s palsy. What is Bell’s palsy and the way of releif from bell’s palsy. How to do work the physiotherapy treatment for bell’s palsy or facial nerve palsy.

A bundle of a nerve neuron is a closed bundle, which is part of the endocrine nervous system. Through it the electrical organs are transmitted to the end organ.

7th cranial nerve

The seventh cranial nerve is name glossopharyngeal nerve. Glossopharyngeal nerve is  known as Bell’s family, it is the paralysis of the nerves of the mouth, which provides facial muscles on one side of the face.

Work of 7th cranial nerve or glossopharangeal nerve

Face movement

Salivation dried

Tears of tears


Help in the feeling of skin etc.

What is bell’s palsy ?

Bell’s palsy or facial nerve palsy:  Bell’s palsy is a conditions in which there is a lesions occur on the facial nerve as a result paralysis occur of the muscle that are supplied by this nerve.

Causes of Bell’s palsy

The cause is unknown till now. The most common cause is common cold. This conditions is occur by viral attack.

Effective nerves

Glossopharyngeal nerves           

Risk factor



Respiratory infection.

Clinical features of Bell’s palsy

Loss of facial appearance.

Deviation of face to one side.

Inability to closing the eye and to raise the eye brow.

Inability to raise the nose trill.

Foods collect in the affected side of check during eating.

Dribbling of water on the affected corner of the mouth.

Difficulties eating drinking whistling and speaking.

Cannot turn the affected muscle of the affected side.

Impairment of taste and sensation of the affected side tongue.

Weakness of muscles of affected side face.

Tenderness may present on stylomastoid foramen.

Contraindications of physiotherapy exercise for Bell’s palsy

A. Recent fracture

B. Open wound

C. Carcinoma/ malignancy

D. Abscess

E. Blister

F. Fever

G. Blodd pressure more than 200 mm of Hg.

Physiotherapy treatment for Bell’s palsy

UST (ultrasonic therapy)over the affected nerve root trunk during acute and sub-acute phase.

IRR(infra red radiation)/ PWP over the affected side face.

Electrical stimulation- over the motor point.

Stroking massage- to the opposite direction.

Knedling massage- over paralyzed muscle.

Slow stretching exercise of the affected muscles.

Try to do functional ADL by the affected side face.

Home advice

Use sunglass Regular eye bath by warm clean water.

Try to say clearly- A, E, I, O, U Squeeze eyes open and closed widely.

Try to perform of pleasure, surprise, interest, angry etc Whistle on inflate balloon.

Sucking fluid by straw.

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