Back pain relief [Through Physiotherapy]

LBP(Low Back Pain)

Low back pain is a common musculoskeletal symptoms that’s mate be either acute or chronic.

 Symptoms of low back pain

  • Difficulty moving that can be severe enough to prevent walking and standing.
  • Pain that  does not radiate down the leg.
  • Pain that also moves around to the groin, Buttok or upper thigh but rarely travels bellows the knee.
  • Pain that tends to be achy And dull.
  • Muscle spasms, which can be severe.
  • Local soreness upon touch.

Contraindications of physiotherapy exercise

  • Recent fracture
  • Open wound
  • Carcinoma/ malignancy
  1. Abscess
  • Blister
  • Fever
  • Blodd pressure more than 200 mm of Hg.

Physiotherapy for low back pain

Here some exercise for the low back pain patient. You can take the way.I hope you must be relief from LBP For this physiotherapy treatment .

Passive physiotherapy exercise

which includes thing done to the patients, such as-

  • Heat application.
  • Ice pack
  • Electric stimulation.

Active physiotherapy exercise

In which focuses on-

  • specific exercise
  • Stretching

For most low back pain treatments, active exercise is the focus of the physiotherapy exercise program.

Some tips for back pain

  1. If you want to lift something from the bottom or soil, then fold the knees on the knees and then lift them.
  2. Do not take heavy weight. Keep the worn body close to the body. To carry heavy loads, carry the lean forward.
  3. Do not stand or sit in a row more than 30 minutes. Do not kneel down or tilt towards the front. Do not wear high heels for a long walk. If you want to stand on top of a long period, then the body mass may be from one foot to the next. Take a rest and sit down.
  4. While sitting on the road, sit straight and sit away from the steering wheel.
  5. Do not stay far away from the Chairs table. Do not work in the grip. Do support on the back of the camera. Sit down as if knee and thighs are in parallel to the ground. Avoid soft cushion or sprayed chairs.
  6. Avoid lying on the floor. Avoid foam or spring cushioned bed. If the bed is solid and broad and the blender is thin and equal, then the best.
  7. Keep the weight in control. Develop healthy eating habits.
  8. Do regular physical work or exercise. Walk regularly.
  9. Keep the spine in normal condition and the waist straight while pressing the quota, cooking, spinning, cleaning the house, cloth, junk or the tube.
  10. Those who are suffering from groin pain, be careful when they get out of the bed. Fold the knee before lying on the floor. Slowly slip one side to another. Hang on two beds, sliding down on the elbows and other palm towards the tilt Sit down slowly.
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